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Mother's Day - MPAC...Mothers Praying for Adult Children

Mother’s Day

Tomor­row is Mother’s Day!  So I want to take this time to wish each one a very hap­py Mother’s Day.

My Moth­er is no longer with me but with Jesus in Heav­en.  There are times I real­ly miss her.  We argued a lot.  She was very out spo­ken.  She came to my defense some­times too quick­ly espe­cial­ly when I was cor­rect­ing my children……saying “don’t talk to my daugh­ter that way”.  All in all, I know she did it out of love for me.  She was the one who took me to church and taught me about Jesus and His love.  My father worked out of town most of the time.  Since I was an only child and my moth­er did not work, she dot­ed on me.  She put me first.

In all the things I have learned since she passed in 2002, I now real­ize she made me an idol.  She put me on a pedestal.   She had placed me in God’s seat.  I see this in many MPAC moms when they allow their chil­dren to take first place in their lives.  When this hap­pens, our Lord and Sav­ior, Jesus Christ, is pushed down or out.  We can­not let this hap­pen.  Jesus Christ has to be num­ber one in our lives.  When we get our rela­tion­ship right with Him, then we are able to han­dle what­ev­er comes our way.  We know where our strength lies.  We know who to go to when the going gets tough.  We are able to han­dle the rebel­lious child.

As our chil­dren grow, we have to instill in them the process of mak­ing good deci­sions.  Yes, they need to under­stand they have choic­es to make; but they do not have choic­es for the con­se­quences for those actions.   We have to pray and seek God’s guid­ance and direc­tion for them.  Ask God to pro­tect them.  Ask God, if nec­es­sary, to put them on their knees so they will look up and seek Him.  And as Tony Evans says in his book “Vic­to­ry in Spir­i­tu­al War­fare” …… “ask God to inter­vene against Satan so His (God’s) answers to our prayers can come down”.

There is anoth­er way to be a Moth­er besides birth or adop­tion.   You can be a Spir­i­tu­al Moth­er.  A Spir­i­tu­al Moth­er is a spe­cial per­son who takes inter­est in some­one, men­tors them and pours God­ly prin­ci­pals into them.   When I was young, I want­ed 8 chil­dren.  Yes, I said 8.  I was an only child so I real­ly want­ed a large fam­i­ly.  Only God knew I didn’t need 8 but the 2 He gave me.  What God has done is give me Spir­i­tu­al Daugh­ters to men­tor and pour into them.

I pray you do not lim­it your­selves but look for the oppor­tu­ni­ties from our Lord to advance His King­dom.  So, on this Mother’s Day look to the future with antic­i­pa­tion and expec­ta­tion as to what Jesus Christ can do in your life when you total­ly sur­ren­der it all and put Him first.

The next MPAC meet­ing is May 15, 2016.  Check the cal­en­dar on the web­site for the time and place for MPAC meet­ings.    MothersPrayingforAdultChildren.org.