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roseslayeredCar­man Poindex­ter is a woman of faith who has sur­vived and thrived through some of the most painful strug­gles faced by women today: sep­a­ra­tion and divorce, breast can­cer, and the drug addic­tion and recov­ery of her only son. Through­out all these tri­als, Car­man nev­er lost her will to live. Instead, she learned to depend on God. Through much prayer and by seek­ing God’s strength, Car­man received the wis­dom and grace to know that God is in con­trol. This book is for women of faith and women who strug­gle with their faith, and is writ­ten in the hope that it may shed some light for them on the mean­ing of prayer, the nature of strength, and the pow­er of a mother’s love for her chil­dren.

I pray Bless­ings on you. Walk in the life God intends for you. I pray you speak Blessing/positive words over peo­ple (par­tic­u­lar­ly your chil­dren) and not curses/negative words. Extend God’s love and let it shine through you.